Best Hotels In Gyeongju Seokguram Grotto Area: Buddhist Cave Temple

Are you planning a trip to South Korea and looking for a unique and spiritual experience? Look no further than the Seokguram Grotto, a stunning Buddhist cave temple located in the city of Gyeongju. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best hotels in the area to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Tourism Information

Information Description
Address 385 Bulguk-ro, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Location Located in the Tohamsan Mountain, overlooking the East Sea of Korea
Category Buddhist cave temple
Price Admission fee is 4,000 KRW (approx. 3.50 USD)
Attractiveness The Seokguram Grotto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a masterpiece of Buddhist art. It features a granite statue of Buddha, surrounded by 37 Bodhisattvas and other Buddhist deities, all carved in high relief. The cave itself is also a marvel of engineering with its unique ventilation system.
Road access The temple is accessible by car or bus. The nearest bus stop is Tohamsan Cable Car Station.
Short history The Seokguram Grotto was built in the 8th century during the Unified Silla period by Kim Daeseong, a high-ranking government official. It was rediscovered in 1909 and underwent major restoration in the 1960s.

Reasons Why We Should Visit

  • To experience Korean Buddhism and its rich cultural heritage
  • To see one of the finest examples of Buddhist art in the world
  • To enjoy the natural beauty of the Tohamsan Mountain and the East Sea of Korea
  • To learn about the history and architecture of the Unified Silla period

Tourism History

The Seokguram Grotto is a testament to the artistry and engineering skills of the ancient Koreans. It was built using the latest techniques in rock-cut architecture, which involves carving a temple out of a single piece of granite. The temple’s unique ventilation system also shows the Koreans’ ingenuity in adapting to their environment.

The temple was built during the Unified Silla period, which lasted from 668 to 935 CE. This was a time of great cultural and artistic achievements in Korea, as seen in the many Buddhist temples, palaces, and tombs that were built during this period. The Seokguram Grotto is one of the finest examples of this legacy.

The temple was lost to history for many centuries until it was rediscovered in the early 20th century. It underwent major restoration in the 1960s to preserve its beauty and historical significance.


  • The Seokguram Grotto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for its outstanding universal value.
  • The temple is open to visitors year-round, but it is best visited during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is mild and the scenery is stunning.
  • The temple is located on the top of Tohamsan Mountain, which rises 750 meters above sea level.
  • The temple is considered one of the three great treasures of Korean Buddhism, along with Bulguksa Temple and Haeinsa Temple.
  • The Seokguram Grotto is a popular destination for both tourists and pilgrims who seek spiritual enlightenment.


  • What is the admission fee for the Seokguram Grotto?
  • The admission fee is 4,000 KRW (approx. 3.50 USD).
  • What is the best time to visit the Seokguram Grotto?
  • The temple is open year-round, but it is best visited during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is mild and the scenery is stunning.
  • Is the Seokguram Grotto accessible for people with disabilities?
  • The temple is partially accessible for people with disabilities, but some areas may be difficult to navigate due to steep stairs and uneven terrain.
  • Is photography allowed inside the Seokguram Grotto?
  • No, photography is not allowed inside the temple to preserve its historical and cultural significance.
  • Are there any restaurants or cafes near the Seokguram Grotto?
  • Yes, there are several restaurants and cafes located near the temple that serve traditional Korean cuisine and refreshments.


The Seokguram Grotto is a must-see destination for anyone interested in Korean Buddhism, history, and culture. It offers a unique and spiritual experience that is both educational and awe-inspiring. The temple’s natural setting and scenic views also make it a great place to relax and meditate.


Here are some tips to make the most of your visit to the Seokguram Grotto:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and bring a hat and sunscreen if visiting during the summer months.
  • Bring some cash for admission fees, snacks, and souvenirs.
  • Respect the temple’s rules and regulations, including no photography inside the temple.
  • Take your time and enjoy the natural beauty and spiritual atmosphere of the temple.


The Seokguram Grotto is a unique and spiritual destination that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Korea. With its stunning Buddhist art, natural setting, and historical significance, it is a must-see for anyone visiting South Korea. These best hotels in the Gyeongju Seokguram Grotto Area will ensure that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable, so you can focus on immersing yourself in the beauty and spirituality of this remarkable destination.

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